Women Empowering Women (#MyWEW) is a Malaysia-based social enterprise aimed at women's empowerment specifically in the economic sector. The decision came to light during recent Covid-19 pandemic that saw women as one of the most vulnerable groups being affected with many losses their jobs or not being able to conduct their business as usual. This has led to many of them facing significant financials constraints and having to look for other sources of income. However, many are still lacking in the required skills and access to financials and social support in starting their own business ventures. Thus, MyWEW is formed by a group of empowered women to achieve a social mission of empowering other women in Malaysia through education, mentorship and networking.

We believe that by investing in women’s empowerment, Malaysia could strengthen the national economy.

Our Mission

Empowering women’s professional and personal development through education, mentorship, and networking.

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Image by CK Yeo

Our Vision

To have more empowered women participating in the economy and contributing towards national development.

Our Goals

Goal 1: To identify challenges faced by women in the economic sector.


Goal 2: To provide a responsive, supportive and innovative service that is fit-for-purpose.


Goal 3: To grow and sustain an effective organization.

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