Sep 07, 2022

SMM: AEGIS/MOSES/AUTOSHIP seminar. Reduced transportation cost and lower environmental impact by autonomy in ships and ports

Monday, August 8th, 2022

Note that location has changed:

SMM, Hamburg Messe, Room A4 St. Petersburg

Register and program here

The seminar is free of charge for SMM visitors, and it consists of two independent sessions.

Use this opportunity to take part in a seminar dedicated to the latest advances in ship and port autonomy, and how these can contribute to  the sustainable development goals and improved effectiveness in waterborne logistics.

The program for the SMM joint AEGIS/MOSES/AUTOSHIP seminar REDUCED TRANSPORTATION COST AND LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT BY LEVERAGING BENEFITS OF PORT AND SHIP AUTOMATION is now ready and registration is open. Please note that there is a limitation of 100 participants, first come first served. Participation is free of charge for SMM visitors

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