Oct 13, 2022


Monday, August 15th, 2022

The ALICE Thematic Group Global Supply Network Coordination & Collaboration invites you to its online Workshop: Increasing the use of rail freight!

Increasing the use of rail to transport freight has obvious benefits in terms of reduction of carbon footprint and congestion on roads. The European Commission has set the objective to increase the rail freight traffic by 50% until 2030 and double it until 2050 compared to 2015.

Despite the benefits and support to increase performance of rail, this mode still appears to be unable to attract flows consistently and increase traffic. Rail is often seen as a complex part of the transport system for most logistics companies and shippers that rely mostly on road for transportation.

Several questions need to be addressed in order to achieve the European objectives and making rail the backbone for freight transport decarbonization:

  • How can Rail be an integral part of the Supply Chain?
  • What are the views on barriers and enablers of the different stakeholders?
  • What is needed to make Rail more attractive for the long-distance?
  • What is the solution for a more flexible and reliable system?

This workshop aims to highlight pathways to improve the use of intermodal rail solutions, through clear feedback and views from 3 different stakeholder groups in the supply chain and discuss the outcomes together.

We expect the participation of:

  • Shippers and cargo owners
  • Logistics service providers, freight forwarders and transportation companies
  • Intermodal operators and railway undertakings


14:00 Introduction to the purpose of this workshop , by Serge Schamschula from Transporeon and ALICE Supply Network Coordination and Collaboration vice-chair.

14:20 What is the perception of rail freight competitiveness from the different stakeholders?

The input collected through the registration to the workshop will be shared aiming at identifying the views on rail freight from the different stakeholders group as well as which are the main criteria to define

14:40 Round table discussion. Feedback to the results of the survey from the stakeholders.

15:10 Conclusion and next steps


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