Responsibilities: The General Assembly gathers all the ALICE members and it is a general discussion forum. It discusses and assesses ALICE past, present and future activities and formulates recommendations to the Steering Group, therefore ensuring a shared vision of all the logistics stakeholders.

They could propose changes and give inputs to the platform strategy, activity plans and key deliverables through appropriate channels established by the Steering Group.

Working rules:
• General Assembly meets 1-2 times a year.
• General Assembly members have access to the relevant working papers through the collaborative work space and information e-mails, and they should contribute to the deliverables of ALICE through the Working Groups.
The General Assembly adopts its decisions by a majority of at least 2/3 of the attending members.

Composition: ALICE membership is open to any representative of an interested legally established organization – including an industrial or commercial company, trade association, research institute, university, trade union, or a non-governmental or other stakeholder that supports the strengthening of research, development and innovation efforts in the Logistics sector in Europe. The only requirement is to actively participate in the Working Groups or Mirror Group and meet the rules established in these Terms of Reference.
Any potential member should send a membership request to the Secretariat, including their expertise and potential contribution to ALICE (through participation in Working Groups) as well as an estimate of resources to allocate to the ALICE work.

New members should be approved by the Executive Group. The Steering Group and the General Assembly should be informed about the new membership.
Participation: Members should be compliant with the decisions of the Steering Group and the General Assembly and active participants in the Working Groups of their interest

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